Frequently Asked Questions to Bigfoot

Are these socks only for people with big feet?

  • Great question. And the answer is absolutely not! Despite his name, the legend actually goes that Bigfoot had average size feet-- who knew, right?! Our socks typically fit Men's shoe size 7-13 and Women's shoe size 4-10.

    What happens if I hate the socks I get?

    • Other than seriously hurt Bigfoot's feelings... Not much. But seriously, that's the fun of being in the club! You are trying something new and venturing into the fashion world! Side note: Most of our socks are insanely awesome but on the off chance you are repulsed by them, they are 100% approved as a gag gift for a friend!

    But seriously, what is the returns/exchange policy?

    • Bigfoot is a savvy businessman, but he is also man (beast?) enough to admit when he is wrong. If we send a damaged pair of socks to you, we will happily ship you a new one at no cost. If there is no damage, then all sock shipments are final. 

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