Frequently Asked Questions to Bigfoot

What is the difference between Bigfoot Sock Co and Sock Harbor?

  • Great question! Unfortunately it's top secret and we can't answer that.. Just kidding! They are actually the same company, just two separate brands. All order processing, customer service, and fulfillment will be handled by the same team.

What happens if I hate the socks I get?

  • Well first, it will seriously hurt our feelings, and then second, we will put our feelings aside and assist you any way we can. We are happy to issue either an exchange or refund as long as the socks are unopened and unworn. 

But seriously, what is the returns/exchange policy?

  • Send an email to explaining your situation and we will help get you a refund or new pair of socks as quickly as we can. Our end goal is for your feet to look awesome and for you to be happy!

What material are your socks made from?

  • We like to think they are made from pieces of the softest, puffiest clouds the world has ever seen. But in reality, we have many different styles and many different material blends. The vast majority is cotton, but you can find exact breakdowns on the right side of each sock page.

Do you have any XL socks?

  • Of course! Our main man Bigfoot wouldn't design socks without making some that fit feet sizes 12-16. Check out this page HERE

    More questions? Just email and we will respond as soon as possible!

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